Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the globe. The game is played by two teams of 11 players each on a cricket pitch with each side attempting to win as many runs as possible. Despite this popularity, many people have indicated they rarely understand the sport. If you compare cricket with a sport such as basketball or soccer, the latter two are simpler to understand and even participate. However, the thrills of participating or following a cricket tournament have no comparison to most games people know today.

If you want to start playing cricket and become a top player, you need to understand the rules. The rules of cricket are also crucial for people who want to enjoy watching the game. Here are the main cricket rules that guide the game.

The playing area

The game is played in a field that is usually circular with the edge marked by boundaries. In some fields, the boundaries might have a fence, a rope, or simply stands. At the center of the pitch, the field has a rectangular pitch that has a wooden wicket positioned at one end. The wickets are positioned 20 meters apart. Every wicket comprises of 3 wooden stamps topped by 2 bails.

The cricket match structure, game play and closure

Prior to any match, the two team captains are required to toss a coin in order to establish the team that will bat first. The first team will take the innings. Innings means the two phases of the cricket game with each team batting, attempting to win more runs, while the other bowls and fields the cricket ball. The opposing team tries to prevent the inning team from winning more runs and dismissing the batsmen.

When the first inning (first phase) is over, the teams switch roles. A cricket match can have two or four innings depending on the setting. If a match has been scheduled for 4 innings, it is played for a total of 3-5 days. In every inning, all the 11 team members spread across the field with only two of them at the center of the field. The order of the cricket batsmen is announced before the match begins.

The match closure

The main goal of each cricket team in a match is getting more runs than the opponent. In some matches, one team is required to completely dismiss the entire opposition batsmen in order to win a tournament. If a team gets fewer runs and is declared the loser, it is declared to have lost by specific runs. On the other hand, a team that gets more runs is declared a winner by specific wickets.

In the common two innings match, a team with more second innings runs than the other in both first and second phases is declared the winner by an inning and specific runs. Such a winning team does need to bat again.

If you want to play and enjoy cricket, it is important to understand the rules of the game and find a team to join. Note that the skills take time to develop. You should also commit to learn progressively and work as a team to become a pro player.