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Cricket Rules: How to Play Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the globe. The game is played by two teams of 11 players each on a cricket pitch with each side attempting to win as many runs as possible. Despite this popularity, many people have indicated they rarely understand the sport. If you compare cricket with a sport such as basketball or soccer, the latter two are simpler to understand and even participate. However, the thrills of participating or following a cricket tournament have no comparison to most games people know today.

If you want to start playing cricket and become a top player, you need to understand the rules. The rules of cricket are also crucial for people who want to enjoy watching the game. Here are the main cricket rules that guide the game.

The playing area

The game is played in a field that is usually circular with the edge marked by boundaries. In some fields, the boundaries might have a fence, a rope, or simply stands. At the center of the pitch, the field has a rectangular pitch that has a wooden wicket positioned at one end. The wickets are positioned 20 meters apart. Every wicket comprises of 3 wooden stamps topped by 2 bails.

The cricket match structure, game play and closure

Prior to any match, the two team captains are required to toss a coin in order to establish the team that will bat first. The first team will take the innings. Innings means the two phases of the cricket game with each team batting, attempting to win more runs, while the other bowls and fields the cricket ball. The opposing team tries to prevent the inning team from winning more runs and dismissing the batsmen.

When the first inning (first phase) is over, the teams switch roles. A cricket match can have two or four innings depending on the setting. If a match has been scheduled for 4 innings, it is played for a total of 3-5 days. In every inning, all the 11 team members spread across the field with only two of them at the center of the field. The order of the cricket batsmen is announced before the match begins.

The match closure

The main goal of each cricket team in a match is getting more runs than the opponent. In some matches, one team is required to completely dismiss the entire opposition batsmen in order to win a tournament. If a team gets fewer runs and is declared the loser, it is declared to have lost by specific runs. On the other hand, a team that gets more runs is declared a winner by specific wickets.

In the common two innings match, a team with more second innings runs than the other in both first and second phases is declared the winner by an inning and specific runs. Such a winning team does need to bat again.

If you want to play and enjoy cricket, it is important to understand the rules of the game and find a team to join. Note that the skills take time to develop. You should also commit to learn progressively and work as a team to become a pro player.

Cricket How to Play And Rules

Cricket started back in the 16th century, and its popularity has kept growing year after year. It is a ball-and-sport that features batting, fielding, running, and throwing. Despite the great popularity with billions of fans following every tournament across continents, many still express the difficulty in understanding how to play. To enjoy the game, and more importantly play in various competitions, there is no shortcut; you have to get the rules. In this guide, we have prepared everything you need to know about cricket to enjoy and play like a pro.

The objective of any cricket game

The core objective of any cricket team is getting more runs than the opponent. The games have three main variations, Test, one Day, and 20 Twenty, which have various time limitations.

To score when playing cricket, the player is required to hit the ball using a bat. As one team bats, the opponent bows and fields. You have to target to bowl the opponent out or as few runs as you can. Once a team has lost all wickets/ allotted time, they switch roles.

Players and equipment for playing cricket

Every side consists of 11 players including batsmen, fielders, bowlers, and wicket keepers. Though every player has a designated role just like in soccer, they can interchange appropriately to win the game.

The size of the pitch varies greatly though the circumference of the entire field must be 200 meters. The edge of the playing field is the boundary/line that marks whether you are in or out.

The wicket is at the center of the pitch. It has two sets of 3 stumps on either end and must be 22 yards apart. At the end of every wicket, a line of about 2 yards across the wicket is drawn. The bowler bowls the ball from one end as the batsman tries to hit it from the other end.

Batsmen must wear paddings such as gloves, leg guard, helmet, and chest guard. They also have to be on spiked shoes and white clothing.


A run ensues when the ball is hit by a batsman and 2 batsmen successfully run to the other side. Batsmen can make very many runs before being given out. If the cricket ball crosses the boundary after bouncing at least once after a hit by a bat, four runs are given. However, if the ball gets off the boundary without a bounce, the batting team is awarded 6 runs.

Your team can also score runs when a bowler gets a no ball (bowler oversteps the wicket’s front line) or a bye (no other person touches the ball except the 2 runaway batsmen). Additional scores are awarded when the bowler bowls a wide delivery (a ball too far from stumps) or gets a leg bye (the ball hits the batsman body and a run ensues).

How does a team win in cricket?

The game alternates with one team batting first while the other field. The batting team tries making as many scores as possible within the allocated timeframe while the bowling team members try containing them by fielding the cricket ball. Then, the teams swap the position for the same period. At the end of the competition, it is the number of runs that determine the winning team.

The key rules of cricket 

  • Each team must comprise of 11 members.
  • A bowler has to bowl the 6 legal deliveries to comprise an over.
  • Every game must consist of 2 umpires standing at either side of the wicket. These umpires count the ball numbers on the over. They also make the decision whether the batsman was out following an appeal.
  • The Batman can get an out by getting caught, being bowled, gets leg before wicket, stumped, handled the ball, timed out, hit wicket, hit the ball twice, and obstruction.
  • Test cricket must be played for 5 days with each team getting 2 innings.
  • Scores are summed together to get the winner.
  • International games get 2 additional umpires.
  • Fielding team must have a designated wicket-keeper. This is the only person who wears gloves and pads.

What Safety Gear Do You Need For Cricket

From a traditional point or view, cricket is a cool and relaxed game. However, the truth is that it is a dangerous game. From very hard leather ball to bowling speeds that can attain speeds of up to 90 mph, it will not be surprising to hear that bones have been broken. If you engage in cricket whether at recreational or competitive levels, it is important to ensure you have the perfect gear. In this post, we share the most important safety gear for cricket.


A helmet is perhaps the most crucial safety gear when playing cricket. While it is less likely to get a rough bowler, there is still a risk of getting to an unintentional beamer. Besides, the helmet will guarantee you of complete head protection in case you attempt scoop shots. Because of the high risk to your head, wearing a helmet is mandatory in competitions.

Cricket boots

While some people do not consider cricket boots as part of the protective gear, they are critical in keeping the feet from injury. For very fast bowlers, the impact when delivering a big stride is relatively big. Boots offer the necessary cushioning for the feet to protect the injury. If you are batting, the boots give you the required impact protection especially along the toes for extra confidence facing fast Yorkers.


The main aim of having pads in cricket is avoiding being hit and providing confidence required when playing behind the line. They also allow players to play rough. Note that the pads should be comfortable enough to allow you sprint at top speed and turn comfortably.

Thigh pads

These are considered optional because even if a ball hits you, the likelihood of injuries is very low. Though the thigh pads add some weight and more players prefer not wearing them, they are equally important. To be able to run at top speed, you only need to practice in them more often.

The chest guard

Because of its delicate nature, it is advisable always to wear chest guard when playing cricket. Though proper techniques can be enough to keep your chest safe, new players should always wear the guards. Besides, you should also be on the guards if playing with new players.

Arms Guards

The guards help to protect the hands in the field. Though professional batsmen do not want to wear them because they limit fluency, they are very important compared to the risks of broken arms that can result in any moment.

Cricket gloves

Gloves are very important in giving you a perfect grip of the bat. Note that they are either left or right handed depending on which side you bat. Make sure to select a perfect fit to get a better grip and perfect shot.


The Top 10 Cricket Gear Brands

The surge of cricket in the globe today has defied odds. More people than any other time in the past are so much connected as others join in either for recreation or competitions.

To succeed in cricket, you will require the right skills, personal commitment, discipline, and a lot of patience. Besides, a player must also select the right brand of tools. In this post, we look at top 10 cricket brands that you should know.

Adidas Incurza

Adidas is a common name in most households and sports areas because of the manufacturers top quality shoes, bags, and jerseys. In addition to these, they also manufacture top quality cricket bats. Their designs are among the best such that most of the products go to top players globally.

Gray-Nicolls Viper

Gray-Nicolls Viper is known for manufacturing top quality cricket products especially bats. Their target is bringing innovation to cricket in order to keep improving the quality of the game. Besides, all the products underscore the tradition of cricket that makes it rich and more enthralling.

Gunn & Moore Icon (GM)

GM Cricket products have always been outstanding. The brand has distinguished itself in the cricket fraternity because of commitment to cricket advancement. They have particularly invested in research and use the best materials to guarantee users of best tools and better performance.

Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select

This is an Indian brand that has demonstrated capability and the impact of research and development to take cricket to the next level.

They have a wide range of accessories, but most are the design of bats that are very motivating. The material selection and design have made most of the bats, and other accessories attract the market.


This is a British company that has been in operations for some time and made a name because of top quality. Because of the fast rising companies in the same area of sports, Slazenger demonstrated that it would be releasing its products with progressive improvement to guarantee clients of a better experience and higher ROI.


Just like Adidas, Puma has cut a name in the entire globe for many years.  In cricket, they source for the best materials and use research and development to give clients assurance that every product will bring better results.

For example, the bats from the company are very light but very powerful.

SS Tone Gladiator

This is one of the oldest brands that used to make initial products for players. It is worth noting that most of the current products manufacturers of cricket items have borrowed one or several things from SS Tone Gladiator.


This is one of the top cricket brands that make top bats and other products for players. The company has demonstrated that cricket is a game with huge potential when played appropriately


GM products are used all over the world with a lot of satisfaction. As a British run company, its standards have made it win huge markets both locally and internationally.

BT Blades Cricket

This is a relatively new brand in the market that was established in 2006. Over time, it has kept its reputation for making the best bat and other cricket accessories. With the company, you cannot go wrong because the products are well researched and designed with top quality materials for enhanced efficient.