The surge of cricket in the globe today has defied odds. More people than any other time in the past are so much connected as others join in either for recreation or competitions.

To succeed in cricket, you will require the right skills, personal commitment, discipline, and a lot of patience. Besides, a player must also select the right brand of tools. In this post, we look at top 10 cricket brands that you should know.

Adidas Incurza

Adidas is a common name in most households and sports areas because of the manufacturers top quality shoes, bags, and jerseys. In addition to these, they also manufacture top quality cricket bats. Their designs are among the best such that most of the products go to top players globally.

Gray-Nicolls Viper

Gray-Nicolls Viper is known for manufacturing top quality cricket products especially bats. Their target is bringing innovation to cricket in order to keep improving the quality of the game. Besides, all the products underscore the tradition of cricket that makes it rich and more enthralling.

Gunn & Moore Icon (GM)

GM Cricket products have always been outstanding. The brand has distinguished itself in the cricket fraternity because of commitment to cricket advancement. They have particularly invested in research and use the best materials to guarantee users of best tools and better performance.

Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select

This is an Indian brand that has demonstrated capability and the impact of research and development to take cricket to the next level.

They have a wide range of accessories, but most are the design of bats that are very motivating. The material selection and design have made most of the bats, and other accessories attract the market.


This is a British company that has been in operations for some time and made a name because of top quality. Because of the fast rising companies in the same area of sports, Slazenger demonstrated that it would be releasing its products with progressive improvement to guarantee clients of a better experience and higher ROI.


Just like Adidas, Puma has cut a name in the entire globe for many years.  In cricket, they source for the best materials and use research and development to give clients assurance that every product will bring better results.

For example, the bats from the company are very light but very powerful.

SS Tone Gladiator

This is one of the oldest brands that used to make initial products for players. It is worth noting that most of the current products manufacturers of cricket items have borrowed one or several things from SS Tone Gladiator.


This is one of the top cricket brands that make top bats and other products for players. The company has demonstrated that cricket is a game with huge potential when played appropriately


GM products are used all over the world with a lot of satisfaction. As a British run company, its standards have made it win huge markets both locally and internationally.

BT Blades Cricket

This is a relatively new brand in the market that was established in 2006. Over time, it has kept its reputation for making the best bat and other cricket accessories. With the company, you cannot go wrong because the products are well researched and designed with top quality materials for enhanced efficient.