From a traditional point or view, cricket is a cool and relaxed game. However, the truth is that it is a dangerous game. From very hard leather ball to bowling speeds that can attain speeds of up to 90 mph, it will not be surprising to hear that bones have been broken. If you engage in cricket whether at recreational or competitive levels, it is important to ensure you have the perfect gear. In this post, we share the most important safety gear for cricket.


A helmet is perhaps the most crucial safety gear when playing cricket. While it is less likely to get a rough bowler, there is still a risk of getting to an unintentional beamer. Besides, the helmet will guarantee you of complete head protection in case you attempt scoop shots. Because of the high risk to your head, wearing a helmet is mandatory in competitions.

Cricket boots

While some people do not consider cricket boots as part of the protective gear, they are critical in keeping the feet from injury. For very fast bowlers, the impact when delivering a big stride is relatively big. Boots offer the necessary cushioning for the feet to protect the injury. If you are batting, the boots give you the required impact protection especially along the toes for extra confidence facing fast Yorkers.


The main aim of having pads in cricket is avoiding being hit and providing confidence required when playing behind the line. They also allow players to play rough. Note that the pads should be comfortable enough to allow you sprint at top speed and turn comfortably.

Thigh pads

These are considered optional because even if a ball hits you, the likelihood of injuries is very low. Though the thigh pads add some weight and more players prefer not wearing them, they are equally important. To be able to run at top speed, you only need to practice in them more often.

The chest guard

Because of its delicate nature, it is advisable always to wear chest guard when playing cricket. Though proper techniques can be enough to keep your chest safe, new players should always wear the guards. Besides, you should also be on the guards if playing with new players.

Arms Guards

The guards help to protect the hands in the field. Though professional batsmen do not want to wear them because they limit fluency, they are very important compared to the risks of broken arms that can result in any moment.

Cricket gloves

Gloves are very important in giving you a perfect grip of the bat. Note that they are either left or right handed depending on which side you bat. Make sure to select a perfect fit to get a better grip and perfect shot.